Replacement lock brands we use

With all our UPVC door lock options, you are assured of a high-level security that is fully insured for you own peace of mind.

As UPVC doors are more secure and common, so are UPVC door locks.

  • UPVC door lock installation and replacement services are available at unbeatable prices with TW3 Locksmith Hounslow West.
  • Installing UPVC Multipoint Door Locks High Security
  • On a 24-hour basis, our local, 24/7 locksmith provides expert UPVC Door installation and UPVC door lock changes.
  • We have a wide range of experience in working with UPVC door locks and can deliver professional service and assistance whenever you need it.
  • Additionally, we offer free estimates and advice on UPVC door lock types that work best for your needs.

The Multipoint Door Lock is the most popular and also one of the safest to install on your UPVC door.

  • Because of this, when the lock or cylinder is attached to a UPVC door, it operates from multiple points along the door rather than just where the lock is.
  • Also, that’s what makes UPVC Multipoint Door Locks much more secure and harder to break into.
  • Different locks are available depending on door type.

If you would like a UPVC Multipoint Door Lock installation or change service, we will come over and choose the one that matches the door type.

Get in touch with TW3 Locksmith Hounslow West locksmiths in Hounslow West for a simpler, speedier solution.

UPVC Door Lock Change How-to

UPVC doors come equipped with the Multipoint Door Lock system. You also get the key to the lock. Should you decide to replace or change the UPVC door lock system, you’ll need the help of a local locksmith, since it’s a complex process.

Our local locksmith will arrive at your door and measure the area between the strap and the centre of the round part of the lock, and then do a B measurement, identifying which particular lock is on your door.

The local locksmith will then determine what kind of locking system your door has based on the number of latches, rollers, and hooks.

Based on its number of rollers, deadlocks and latches, the door also needs to have a multipoint mechanism.

When changing the locks on UPVC doors, the locksmith usually only needs to replace the Euro-cylinder commonly found on these doors.

  • You can find a local locksmith who can run this operation using a cross-headed screwdriver while the door is in the open position.
  • There is a securing screw parallel with the bottom of the cylinder.
  • After this is removed, the locksmith can also slide out the cylinder by introducing the key into it and rotating the cylinder to a 20 degree angle.
  • The TW3 Locksmith Hounslow West will measure the cylinder from a hole in the middle to the edge of the cylinder to determine if it requires a different cylinder.
  • The local locksmith will install the new door cylinder by introducing the key into the lock cylinder, rotating it so that it is angled at 20 degrees and simply sliding it in, before adding the securing screw.
  • Locking or unlocking UPVC doors isn’t as easy as it might seem and can be quite tricky, especially if the individual does not possess the requisite experience.

Your local TW3 Locksmith Hounslow West has the necessary knowledge to provide an UPVC Multipoint Door Locks change service efficiently and effectively.