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How GSM Entry Systems Work

SIM cards are used by GSM door entry systems and allow the system to connect with any designated telephone number.

A GSM door entry system paired with an alarm system will automatically connect the customer to the police or a member of the staff if an intruder breaks into the premises.

If you program your door entry system to call your chosen number in the event of an alert, it will do so immediately. Mobile phone door entry systems are extremely popular as well and allow you to enter an apartment complex or property by using your cell phone.

Using your phone, you can open doors and gates remotely and allow entry to visitors at a touch of a button by simply pressing your phone’s keys when called.

The best of convenience and security in one package

You can customize GSM door entry systems to include features and options relevant to your needs. GSM entry systems can be programmed to contact multiple telephone numbers so that there is always someone available to answer the door.

Installing text message systems to fulfill this function is also an option. Also, you can have the system programmed so that designated telephone numbers can be automatically called when calling the intercom.

For example, a family member that locked their keys in the car can get them back with just one phone call!

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Installation of a telephone style door entry system

Installing a GSM door entry system is extremely easy. Our efficient technicians will help you assess whether or not a GSM door entry system is most suitable for your property. Our systems are weather-proof and vandal-proof to ensure the best reliability.

You are not charged or under any obligation to attend our free consultations. Feel free to call us today and we will answer any questions you may have about how GSM door entry can secure your property!