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Home security alarm systems – From basic to sophisticated.

Different types of alarm systems are available, each with a different level of security.

We supply and install all kinds of alarms, from burglar alarms, wireless alarms, bells-only alarms to 24/7 alarms with lifetime maintenance contracts.

The police response alarm might make you feel safer. Or a speech dialer alarm with a single motion sensor, where the alarm automatically calls a pre-set number and leaves a recorded alert when it goes off.

If you have no idea what you need, we can also advise you about the best choices for your particular situation.

Security alarm systems for business – The best in commercial security.

A good business security alarm can reduce your commercial insurance costs as well as keep your premises and everything in it safe and secure.

Our fully integrated approach to security products and services means the support we give our business customers is total, including both electronic and physical security solutions. And we are fully aware of the extra security measures required by government agencies, handling sensitive public sector security projects confidently.

Whether you have a small premises or a huge area need of commercial security alarms, we will tailor the solution directly to your circumstances.

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